Embrace the Journey

We all try to achieve certain things in life whether it be a job promotion, a successful relationship, higher education, or writing a book. One thing we all learn is to embrace the Journey. In order to be successful, we must allow time for the unexpected such as mistakes, setbacks and losing patience. This is how we embrace the journey. Right now in my journey, I’m ahead of the game when it comes to self-publishing.

I ought to be, considering I began wanting to be published in 2008. According to my present research with Publishabookas.com, I’m in the stage of launching my book and gathering my launch team. My WordPress website, these words you are currently reading act as my launch site. As I’ve mentioned, I have been writing all my life but lost a lot of my work in moves especially after my divorce. A lot of my things were discarded. I know I’m never going to stop writing so I feel those that ideas or pieces of poetry that I couldn’t retrieve will turn up in something else I write in the future. So for now, I am gathering what I do have and writing a preface to each poem. Why? I want my readers to understand what I was going through at the time the poem was written. My goal with this book is not to sell a million copies because I know from research that poetry books do not sell as well. But I want to reach people and touch their hearts. That’s my biggest goal.

I’ve lived an eventful life. I know I’ve got a lot of life left in me, with the good Lord willing. I’ve been asked what triggers me to write. Perhaps you have been as well. In the past, tragedy used to trigger my poetic juices. If I was really hurting emotionally, I could put it on paper better than talk about it. And that’s okay. Now that I’m older, I can’t say one specific thing inspires me. I can write hurting or happy. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and write. Then there are those times when I’m not in a writing mode and can’t rhyme to save my life. But I continue to embrace the journey because I know I have more to say. I suggest no inspirational moments are our body’s way of telling us to rest.

I do not have a specific style of writing. Please don’t let anyone tell you how to express yourself when writing. With some poems, I stick to a particular rhythm and in others, I mix styles. Then there are spoken word pieces that don’t rhyme at all or go in and out of rhyming. The style often depends on the point I’m getting across. Sometimes lighter toned messages may rhyme and heavier toned pieces may be in spoken word format. I think it’s important to understand your writing style and why you use certain styles in order to stay true to yourself and the journey.

Because only you know what you are really trying to say, it should be important to you, as the writer, to make sure your readers get your point too. You don’t want anyone to be confused or try to guess what you’re talking about. Because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, your writing should be clear enough that readers get an idea of what you’re saying even if they don’t get the complete gist of it. Take your readers on the journey with you whether just sharing one poem or becoming a published author. Others will want nothing but success for you.

So as I close this blog post, by thanking my current readers. They are few in number right now but that is okay. Still, I am grateful! I ask them and others to come along on this ride to publication with me and support me as I embrace this journey. At the top of the front page is a menu. There are two options on the menu. Please choose Contact and leave me your name and email address and comment if you like. I will keep you updated on when the book will launch and where I’ll be doing book signings. I hope to see you real soon!

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