Family first

I just got home about four hours ago from a famcation road trip to Illinois and St. Louis MO for my Uncle Walters gorgeous wedding to his beautiful bride Rosemary. We traveled with my Uncle and my mom, who are all siblings of the groom, my Uncle’s beautiful wife Auntie Catherine and their wonderful daughter in law Lisa. After prayer, we embarked on this 8 or 9-hour journey in comfort, a third row SUV with a small Uhaul attached for luggage. I can’t really describe the entire trip there because I fell asleep. 😃🤣😂 But we didn’t have any car trouble and stopped at the best places for gas. But God! Once we arrived in Illinois our hotel was set back off the highway. It was wonderful to have reservations and get into a room quickly, shower and get to the church for rehearsal.

To continue, I had to get a few days to rest after such a wonderful and happy weekend. The pictures say it all!! My Uncle Walter Clemons, Sr. and his beautiful bride Rosemary literally and figuratively jumped the broom this past Saturday in Illinois. The bridal parties consisted of her sisters and his brothers. All six of my uncles looked very dapper in their suits. I know you all agree. My mom (in the blue), myself (the dark gray), and my Aunt and Uncle posing together alone, plus my cousin’s wife had a wonderful three days with family and friends. The happy couple is from Kansas where my Uncle Walter is known as The Soup Guy as he makes and distributes soup to the homeless.


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