What is Love?

We all have our own personal definition of love, what love means to us, what loving someone else intells. I’m not a hard-hearted person, meaning I’m a loving and kind individual. I like to believe there’s good in everyone. Lately, events in my life have caused me to question my definition of love. But I’m a hopeless romantic. Is there a Knight in shining armor in real life? Is there someone out there for everyone trying to find one another? I really don’t know.

My suggestion is to let go and let God. I know everyone does not believe in God. You must see that the beauty of love is brought upon by something other than ourselves though. So love must find you. By all means, believe that love exists for a reason. Hold on to what love is to you and the person with the same definition as yours will come. What is Love to me?? Keep reading.

Love is…

Love is being able to breathe in someone’s essence and when in their presence not being able to breathe at all
Love is looking deep into someone’s eyes and seeing their soul and feeling someone so much you’re unable to make eye contact
Love is taking notice of a person’s scent and wanting to bathe in it
Love is willing to be vulnerable and willing to secure vulnerability in someone else
Love is tapping into someone’s psyche and opening yourself up to theirs
Love is being able to see the best in someone when they cannot see the best themselves
Love is friendship, honesty, forgiveness, transparency, joy, kindness, peace, and hope
Love is everything good about this world, it is not perfect but it’s perfect peace.

Written by Valerie Collins

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