The depth of my love

September 2018

I recently entered my poem Inside One Another in Perspectives of Love Contest. I wrote this poem at least 15 years ago during a point in my life where I was so deep in love that I lost myself. How is that possible, you ask? Well sometimes we love so hard and the love is not reciprocated. At least not at the level we are loving. It’s not anyone’s fault. Some people are just not as passionately mature as others. I married young at 20 years old. I thought I had found the love of my life and thought I was so lucky to find the person I’d be with for the rest of my life so early in life. That was my downfall.

I considered myself lucky instead of blessed. In other words, I did not really know God. I always believed in God but my spirit wasn’t invested in Him. I was invested in my then husband and marriage. But without God, how does a troubled marriage tainted by addiction and ruined by infidelity survive? It can’t.

But when I wrote Inside One Another, I was still trying to see the good in him. I could see his potential, what and who he could be; not who he was choosing to be. I didn’t focus on emotional and mental pain. This is why in this poem you can see the struggle of how my love for him trumped any wrongdoing. The way people think they’re loving you can be a two edged sword. It can protect you or it can destroy you.

But remember this, love itself is not supposed to hurt. There will be trials and tribulations, but once your peace is disturbed, it’s time to reevaluate your situation. Another thing about true love is that your partner is not in your life to make you happy. No! My advice is to find happiness within yourself and share it with the one you love. Below is my first poem about the depth of my love.

Inside One Another

(by Valerie Collins)

His shadows and bright lights intertwine to make him who he is
His free spirit and sternness bring forth the forces that make him a man
He holds me tight without one touch and cradles me
He lets me go with the delicate sound of a few select words
He may turn away to walk with fear but never leaves me behind
He makes me feel all the emotions of life one at a time and all at once
And even at those times when he seems to shatter my world, we know it’s not over
It is at those moments we are the only two that exist
Because although people will try to come between us, the consequence will separate us and time will betray us
We will stay strong
Living and loving inside one another

Written by Valerie Collins Copywritten 1998-2018

#perspectiveoflove #realisticpoetrycontest #mypoeticlifebook

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