Coping Mechanisms: When Life Gets Overwhelming

How do you all cope when your lives get so overwhelming that you don’t know which way to turn? If you have coping mechanisms you can turn to, be thankful for them. Why do I say that? Well, fibromyalgia comes with many other illnesses, conditions, and syndromes. There are so many different levels to the broad spectrum h to declutter, but where do I begin? How do I cope? At times like this, I really don’t know what to do but pray and hope God can feel my despair and hear my pleas.

Honestly, I’m surprised at my strength, because a few years ago, I would have completely mentally broken down. But at the same time, I get upset at myself for allowing life’s issues to cause my seizures. Sometimes you don’t have the answers. Sometimes you don’t have a clue what to do next and that’s ok. It’s easy to say just move on or try not to stay stuck too long. But we all know that it’s not that easy, especially when you’re broken-hearted.

But I know I have to take steps toward regaining my peace of mind. So today, forgiving myself is my first task, then I will fix everything else with Gods help, one at a time. For now, I have NO coping mechanisms to share or no advice to give to you all except for prayer. But I will be revisiting this matter. I know I’m in need of some prayers. So, if you feel closer to God than I do right now, please whisper a prayer for me and my family. All advice is welcome!

Please leave a comment at the end of this post and hit the like button if you will. If you believe in the power of prayer, let’s pray for ourselves and for one another.

A Prayer for Me

I feel like a hollow drum inside
there’s only emptiness in here
I see the exit near but it’s stalled
by the silence in the air
My God if I just look up I’ll know
The sun still shines the light in
But my heart is heavy, weighted down
too much to stay focus on Him
I have tried to pray my nightly plea
but my mind gives in to fears
my prayers are never complete
Does God read my tears?
I haven’t had this happen in so long
Where I couldn’t cry out to the Lord
I need Him so much right now but
my prayers are the most silent of words
Dear God can you hear me?
Even when my mind fails to speak
Do you know my heart hasn’t changed
Though our connection is too weak
Can you come back and fill me
Your Holy spirit is food for my soul
To please you and do you will
Is my ultimate goal
But dear God, right now I’m weak
My life story is full of holes
My broken heart and broken spirit
gives way to my restless soul
Depression haunts my happiness
As I struggle to find the light somehow
I know I can’t give up
I’ve come too far to turn back now
So God now it’s just you and me
I need you to heal my heart
I need you to bless my spirit
and give my life a brand new start
I give you my problems God
And to the Holy Spirit, I give my word
Right now I take all my cares and
lay them at the feet of the Lord
My heart can’t take any more hurt
My burdens are great but fair
Your Word says you’ll never give me more than I can bare
So Dear God I give my all to you
I surrender so that I am blessed
and even when my prayers are silent
please lift this emptiness

Lord, I’m glad that in you I have found a friend
In Jesus name, I Pray, Amen

Everything’s going to be alright!!

4 thoughts on “Coping Mechanisms: When Life Gets Overwhelming”

  1. I am sorry that you had to suffer like this and for doctors to minimize your suffering; that must have been terrible. It hurt to read everything you went through but I admire your strength and courage and particularly your faith in God. I hope the seizures will lessen and you can function better. This was a beautiful and inspiring post; thank you

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    1. You’re welcome. Thank you so much for your words. They encourage me to continue to fight! My hope with this blog is to touch people like you so they can find inspiration in how I try to keep going regardless of my illnesses. Thank you.

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