Giving it to God

Sometimes during the holidays, some people go through a tough time. Knowing a loved one will not be with you this year by no choice of their own truly hurts. The part of our hearts that belongs to them feels shattered and at times our whole heart is broken. At those times, it’s hard to breathe.

Well, I am having one of those moments right now, so I write. I write and the weight lifts off my heart. I’m very tired, emotionally and physically but instead of making myself sick over it, I’m going to pray and give it to God. There’s been a handful of times where I can actually remember breaking down in the bathroom and talking out loud to God, beginning with, “Ok God, It’s just me and you!”

You know those conversations where you close all the doors possible between you and everyone else and you cry out for help? Those are the most reviving and cleansing acts.

I know I am so much stronger than my struggle right now. No matter how much my heart hurts, I can’t let it make me pause my life. Easier said than done. But God! Sometimes it’s easier to deep breathe, woo-sah, make peace, and realize that everybody is not going to do the right thing just because it’s the right thing. So, as far as I’m concerned this will be my last day to hold on to sadness. I know saying these words doesn’t automatically make things better, but it’s a start; a stepping stone for me to use to get off from under the weight of depression and sadness.

I believe we all have the ability to speak things into existence. You can speak positivity, happiness, and joy over your life. At times when you feel defeated, speak victory into your situation. This is what I’m doing right now to make Christmas happy for my family this year. I know I’m not in an all-out festive, 🎼We wish you a Merry Christmas or Feliz Navidad🎼 mood, but I’m going to do my best to salvage the rest of this holiday. My family deserves it.

So, God, it’s just you and me…please answer my prayers concerning this situation and help my family and everyone, everywhere have a good Christmas full of health, joy, and peace. Let us remember and celebrate its true meaning, the birth of your son, Jesus Christ! I’m giving it all to you God!❤

In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.


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