Christmas Eve Traditions

I haven’t kept to my usual Christmas Eve tradition this year for a few reasons. One, because I’m not where I want to be financially. Another reason is that my family dynamic has changed so much this year, and a third reason is my sheer lack of Christmas gusto. This is the first year in forever that I didn’t decorate my house for Christmas. The inside of my home is usually dawned in an array of green, red, and silver decor nestled neatly in their usual places, the mantle, end tables, kitchen table, around the TV China cabinets, and lastly the door frames.

This year, I couldn’t find my ornaments, any of my decorations or anything that was on our tree or in our home last Christmas. They simply disappeared which was fittingly ok with me since my Christmas spirit percent-o-meter has never been over 35% all season. But my heart aches because I am sentimental about things I’ve kept of my kids over the years such as tree ornaments that they made in elementary school.

Hopefully, they’ll show up. But if not, thankfully, a few years ago I actually thought about what it would feel like if I ever lost those precious, physical, tangible moments of time so I snapped a photo of each one of them. I guess I know myself better than anyone as I’m always misplacing things.

Then as I often do, I look for the bright spot in this dilemma which is, my granddaughter and nieces and nephews will be bringing home many things they make and I will add them to my photographed collection before hanging them on the tree. I know everything happens for a reason anyway. Watch this turn around. Usually, by Christmas Eve I would have baked and distributed over 20 dozen cookies. But I haven’t baked any this year. I think my exhaustion is gods way of telling me to rest this year.

The bright turnaround here is that the first four months of next year will be so full and busy that I’m literally excited just thinking about some of the specifics. I can’t say anything now but I’m really excited about this one particular thing happening and if all else fails but this, I will be forever grateful.

Therefore, as my Momma told me this evening, I’m not going to worry about the things I can’t change. So I’m going to take a deep breath and walk into tomorrow and Christmas Day and every day thereafter knowing I’m blessed with a greater purpose on my life. I’m changing because as the saying goes, if you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same results. Dr. Maya Angelou said it best in the following quote:

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better~~Dr. Maya Angelou

This Christmas, just like this year, has taught me so much about family, friendship, loyalty, trust, honesty, and hope. It has taught me to step out on faith when you can’t see your way. Even as I’m writing this, the humanity in me wants to cast doubts saying that’s easier said than done. Maybe so. But how will I ever know if I don’t try? I have lived so complacent for so long, comfortable in my nothingness that I convinced myself that this was going to be my life. A day in and day out of solitary solitude. But God showed me different; He is not finish with me.

So this Christmas I will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ because He has reignited a passion for writing within me and for the first time in a long time, there’s no quit in me. Can’t stop, won’t stop! I’m confident that my talent will get me so much further than I ever thought possible. I thank God for the gifts He has given me. I am in constant edit mode, not only in my writing but in my life. I’ve learned that as long as you recognize your mistakes, you can correct them and grow from the experience.

As this year closes, be mindful to remain humble. Never believe that what you have or what you do makes you better than the next man, because God giveth and God taketh away. Boastfulness is for the foolish. That’s why I invest time in other bloggers and poets and I see people much more talented than myself every day. I support and applaud them. It doesn’t matter if anyone responds back, I just want them to know their words touched my heart.

That’s what life is supposed to be about. Supporting one another. With the world wrapped up in the politics of it all, we often forget to just treat one another with human decency. I have a part of me that reads peoples energy. When I truly feel someone genuinely cares for people, I’m instantly drawn to them. This is why I like Ellen DeGeneres. She has a kind soul. She is not picky about who she helps. That’s the type of person I intend to be when I’m in a position to help others. It’s coming. I’m speaking it into existence right now.

So I’d like to wrap this up by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I pray everyone has a safe, healthy and fruitful holiday. Remember the best gifts we can give are to try harder to be generous when we can, pay it forward when we’re able, be supportive always, and as Ellen says, “be kind to one another”.

Jesus is the reason for the season🎄🎄

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