New Year’s Resolution for 2018

As the clock nears 11:59:50 tonight, many will have their minds made up to stick to their New Year’s Resolution. Regardless, if it’s to lose weight, finally ask for that promotion, get engaged, visit another country, etc., we all know that for the majority of resoluters (sometimes we have to create words), January 1, 2019 will go as planned but by February, we are back to old routines as the repetitiveness of life kicks in. Most of the people I know do not embrace change well. Isn’t it odd that we think of these great things that will help us and improve our lives but then just stop or talk ourselves out of doing them before the month of January is up? Crazy right?

I used to make resolutions I’d never stick to all the time. This year I resolve to not make a resolution. Instead, I decided to just continue working hard to check off some of the things that are already on my vision board. Improving my credit score, working to get rid of diabetes completely and high blood pressure, beginning a YouTube channel and start saving money are just a few things on my board I’m working on. Beginning this blog to promote and launch my books was at the top of my board.

In 2016, my New Year’s Resolution was to lose weight. Although I began on my own, becoming ill helped that along. But I stuck with it for the past two years. So I’m not knocking resolutions. I’m just choosing to continue to do what has been working for me personally. Placing the things I wanted to achieve in some type of order on a vision board made those things tangible, appearing reachable for the first time. It makes your dreams and goals into something you can touch. I hope that makes sense.

So tonight, like every New Year’s Eve, I’ll be at home with my family bringing in the New Year. After we count down 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, I will say Happy New Year feeling for the first time since I was a kid that I actually will have a happy new year to come. And when we go around the room to tell what we are thankful for, I’ll have many things, the greatest of which is the God we serve, my family, my children, my granddaughter, friends near and far, and the gift that writing all my life. I know I don’t have many readers right now, but I’m thankful for the few and the outlet this blog has been for me. Writing is the best therapy.

I believe we all have something special inside of us that once we tap into it, it will completely change our lives. We don’t really need resolutions to improve our lives or make necessary changes. All we need is to recognize the greatness within ourselves and build on it. Remember as this year ends, another brand new year will begin giving you another opportunity to live your very best life. Take advantage of it! Live each day with the knowledge that each tomorrow is another chance to get it right, to start anew, to see the amazing person you are! Speak this next sentence into existence. This WILL be MY BEST year yet!






Much love, Val and Family

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