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I’ve been trying to write on the beginning of my book about Fibromyalgia and as usual, I get stuck on editing and re-editing details concerning my marriage. It’s like I get so lost in the details, I never get around to telling the story. I constantly overthink what I should and shouldn’t say about the causes of the disease and my beliefs concerning my particular case. I believe that, like a lot of diseases, this disease is somewhat genetic, can lay dormant, and can be triggered by stress, tragedy or depression. Knowing this, what was the ultimate cause in my case. Was it the difficulty of my childhood? But it lay dormant. Was it the stress of my marriage that caused this disease to come and ultimately destroy my life? Was it purely genetic? Does how I became one of its victims really matter? Well, in the huge scheme of things, no it doesn’t matter, but it would be very nice to know. I want to know because it’s like finding out who committed a crime against you even though you know they won’t be prosecuted. It’s a need that won’t change anything except how you feel on the inside. The type of life-altering event that will let you know that you are not the crazy one!

Nothing is as great a detour to creative thinking as a past that you would be better off not thinking about, or better yet writing about! I want to be as honest and candid as I can possibly be. I’m not the type of a writer that’s organized with my thoughts or writing. I don’t even do outlines. I tried that once and as far as I got was my outline. So I won’t put myself through that again. I do know writing about my marriage exhausts me and causes me a few hours of being in my feelings. So I need to find the quickest way possible to get through this part of my book.

Any suggestions??

6 thoughts on “Writers unblock”

  1. Thank you for the post. With several generations of arthritis or fibro โ€“ itโ€™s a life that certainly requires adjustment. And the older you get the more you have to adjust. Social media is an outlet and a trap in that world. But I never get caught up in a single moment for too long. Life moves on with creativity. ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay strong!


    1. Thank you. Life goes on. I found myself trapped in that people took my informative fibro post as complaining. I had my own sister tell me to do something about it and stop complaining to my ‘followers’ on FB. How do you do something about a disease that has no cure or clear treatment? My post are meant to let whomever it might touch know they are not alone.

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      1. Thanks fr your comment –
        I understand, it’s a tough uphill battle. People who do not suffer from over-sensitivity, live in constant pain, find it hard to understand what life on the other side looks like. I fully appreciate the learnings, because it helped me to help many others. But it tends to leave us alone with the circumstance without a clear outlet of where to go. I take mine to creativity, photography, writing etc. And if the energy is lacking, then I watch whatever comedies make me feel better about the moment. There is little I could do, much more I had to ‘not do’ to release energy for my body. What comes to illnesses I sometimes think about writing a list of everything I’ve tried, someone might have use for it, but the list is long… and of almost of no use for me today aside from the foods, nutrition and meditation. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a very short list. I sat down yesterday thinking about the book Eat, Love, Pray and realized that it more or less encapsulated my methodology. It’s important to let people know they are not alone. And sometimes, it may not be the 95% of the people, but the 5% that really get your message and where you are coming from. Those are the people I write and create for. ๐Ÿ™‚


      2. This entire comment is exactly how I have felt for the last 23 years since my diagnosis at 22 years old. It truly is the few and far in between who will understand. My outlets are writing, music, and cooking when I can. My fibro fog makes taking photos a necessity because I can’t remember anything๐Ÿ˜„I just want people to know there’s a way to deal with this disease without giving up on life like I once did. I go to sleep on Martin and Fresh Prince of Belair so I understand about the comedies. These days I try to push myself on those exhaustion filled days, like today.

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