My Victory List and A Quiet Storm

My meaning of a bucket list is not traditional. To be honest, I don’t like to think about death, therefore I will entitle my Victory List. I made the bulk of this list during my final days of high school. I wrote them down in what we called our Senior Memory Book. It consisted of the following: Go to college, record/sing on somebody’s record, act on stage, become a lawyer, get married/have 5 kids, move to a farm (but not farm) lol.

Well, as for college I have degrees in Business administration and nursing. I’m still waiting to get on a track but actually recorded with the Buren BoBo District COGIC Choir one year. One day my daddy once told me lawyers lied for a living. I don’t know if they do but I decided to become a nurse instead. I got married and divorced all before the age of thirty. We were blessed with two beautiful children. I haven’t found that farm yet, but being on stage this past Saturday night has made me not want to be off somewhere with no one else around. I believe that social phobia is beat!

I wish I could think of the words to explain how it felt to be on that stage for the first time. I can say that it felt good to be trusted to bring three characters to life in four different scenes! I knew I loved doing plays and musicals in grade school, so I’d love this. I find myself completely in love with the entire process. Not only am I blessed to have worked with the phenomenal playwright Shawna D. Moore, but the actors and singers that graced that stage stirred some souls both times we performed!!

Everyone brought their A game. We supported one another so I wasn’t really nervous. Shawna and our star, April Watson, a seasoned actress, gave us all the advice, nurturing, and encouragement we needed all the way up to opening night. I admit I did have a temporary dementia moment during my third scene in the first show but recovered nicely by panicking and saying, “Oh my God!”, directly in the mic! 😂I was so mad at myself, but my new family embraced me and let me know it was ok.

For those who came out, you got a treat of a lifetime! And you know it! People are still talking about, “A Quiet Storm”. For those who missed it, you missed a true testimony of tragedy, heartache, denial, faith, and deliverance. With her, count them, eight stage play, Shawna Moore continues to put God on display for all to see. Her writing undeniably stresses the power of prayer, the necessity of faith, and the truth behind a sound mind, soul, and spirit. A lesson we all could learn.

“A Quiet Storm” shed light on downplaying of mental illness in our communities and how we would rather breakdown than admit we need help. It’s sad but true that we are all guilty of making someone feel “crazy” through actions of our own or by simply ignoring their plea for help. I hope patrons left Saturday night with the understanding that mental illness exists and can be treated but you have to love yourself enough to take that first step!

Special thanks to:

Shawna D. Moore, Mor-Shy Productions, our wonderful A Quiet Storm family, our great sound guys, our outstanding singers, the voluntary stagehands, vendors, caterers, Rent A Center, friends, family and all those who helped make both shows a complete success!

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