I began this blog, in July 2018. In a little over two months, I will be celebrating a year as @vfurrmstheblogger! I’m beyond proud because I have been able to get major issues off my mind and heart and touch a few people in the process. I have always loved writing. Ideas kind of flow and overflow at times until my mind or heart is clear.

I intended to use this blog as a book launching medium. I know I’m doing something good, but I’m not sure I’m doing my best to reach people. The few people who reach out to me after reading my blog thank me for being transparent, telling my truth, and giving them the courage to do the same. The only thing is I want to reach more people. I want my words to impact others in a positive way. I have blogged on issues from love, death, marriage, dating, and even abuse.

My mind was getting overworked so I took the last two weeks off from writing. Any blog or poetry idea I had, I jotted in my notes on my phone and left it there. My mind and body needed rest. It’s hard to get adequate rest when you can’t sleep normally due to insomnia. But the rest from the constant spewing of ideas and thoughts and finding the perfect wording for them felt good.

I didn’t go anywhere. I took a much-needed home-cation. I just rested. I caught up on some good TV, bonded with the twins, took care of my mom and took care of myself. I was able to take time to get some personal effects in order and checked off a huge goal by beginning to rebuild my credit. God said in His word that everything you lost will be given back unto you. I know that also means faith without works is dead. With some prayer and diligent work on my behalf, I know everything will work out well.

Although I spent the majority of my time at home, I did attend the event of my year, Mor-shy Productions Evening with the Stars formal affair. I stressed till the very last minute but I pulled off a beautiful black gown, silver jewelry, and modest red lipgloss well. All my fellow cast mates and those from other productions of Shawna Moore all looked marvelous!. We had a nice night.

I had time to work on a few of my vision board goals for 2019. I see some people do what I did last year, I wrote them down and that was as far as the goal went, making it to paper. But this year coming up on the fifth month, I have begun to make some real progress toward getting goals accomplished.

All in all my home-cation was good but I have never been so bored in my life. I am looking forward to getting back to writing and working hard developing these ideas I have. I am glad I gave myself a break. I listened to my body and mind. When I had more uncompleted blogs than complete, I knew it was time to rest. Today is Friday! It’s the weekend! I can hardly wait to pick back up on my incomplete posts from earlier this month. I’m back baby!!

My encouragement from this post is to please take care of yourself first, then help others. Always find time to do what you love. Be you. Be great! Live in your truth, and leave anything behind that makes you feel anything less than the Queen or King you were designed to be!


#homecation #vacation #bloglife #vfurrmstheblogger

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