Poetry: The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence

I feel all alone in the middle of a crowd
Why and how is the silence so loud
I know he is speaking but I can’t hear
The meaning of his silence remains unclear
I can see his doubtful eyes in my mind
But I felt safe with him at the same time
My first mind said to be wary as you began
Don’t be so quick to give your heart to this man
But he said he loved me and touched my soul
No matter how tight I held on My heart let go
Without him knowing, it fell into his hands
I wanted forever; he wanted to be friends
I listened to his life story, every word every phase
I envisioned each scene he painted his way
If he wanted me to fall, fall hard I did
I thought he’d appreciate the love I would give
No more polite hellos, the phone no longer rang
Hurt set in, my hurt heart no longer sang
I feel broken inside when I’m so simple to hold
He doesn’t get it at all…the carelessness is bold
During life’s ups and downs and pushes and shoves
I find myself caught up in an on hold kind of love
Now my confidence is threatened by all this stuff
Because his occasional hello just isn’t enough
I’m tired and my heart is even weary somehow
I’m left to ponder what do I do now?
He would’ve loved who I am and been proud
It’s a shame he couldn’t hear his silence was too loud

By: Valerie Furr-Collins

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