Define Insanity

I’ve been living in insanity. Undeniably my very own version and of my own doing. I can’t blame it on anyone else. I’ve been reliving little excerpts of my life exactly the same each time expecting different results. From something as broad as dating to something as complex as credit, I’ve somehow allowed myself to continue making the same mistakes. What makes that insane is that I actually would get upset when things didn’t work out AGAIN for the hundredth time.

I think more people live like this than not or we’d all be overachievers. It makes for a stressful life and a not so dull existence. But until I realized this, I knew I had to continue to move forward but wasn’t sure how. I have made tremendous progress with beginning my launch, this blog, my IG accounts, my Facebook and trying my hand at influencing. But now that these fires are started, I feel like I’m in the middle surrounded by many choices with only a few minutes to make a decision as to which to choose.

It’s easy to feel cornered especially after you’ve made huge changes in your life. I know whatever direction I turn, I have to stop the cycle of insanity and go about everything I do differently. I must admit that usually, I’d wallow in my stagnation until the rocking motion of standing still felt like moving forward. But I can no longer do that. I’m not getting any younger. Plus, I am building a brand not for myself but for my family.

If I want my great-grandchildren to be taught prose in College from the stanzas of my poetry one day, I have to put things in motion now. I’m not just talking about a vision board but a vision board in motion so to speak. So over the next few weeks, as I climb out of my partial self-hibernation, I am going to be outlining my major goals and visualizing the steps I want to take to achieve them. Then walk in my purpose and promise.

As for dating, I believe I can be confident in my bashfulness. I think people take me the wrong way some times. So I’ve decided to humble myself at all times, open my heart, and allow love to find me. I’m going to keep praying and waiting. Right now, anyone God adds to my life will be a blessing. If I take my love life back in my hands I will surely go insane!

Sometimes self-affirmations are necessary. You have to make sure your head and heart are in the same place. Always lift yourself up because sometimes you may be the only one you hear doing it. Change is good. It can be the best part of life or the worse. If change puts an end to the insanity in your life like it has in mine, then I say bring it on!

As human beings, we tend to set the same traps for ourselves over and over again. But there is hope. I tell anyone who asks for my advice or anyone who will listen, for that matter, to the journal. Write down your feelings. This way when you’re faced with similar issues you can make different choices. Regardless, to how much you think you’ve backtracked, wasted time, or lived in insanity, never give up! Trouble will never last always.

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