Do You Ever Regret Losing It!

We all are human. We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. With that being, I know our reactions to situations, good or bad, is our responsibility. I hate shows on TV with grown women flying across the table in full attack mode, such as Basketball Wives. I’ve often thought, what is the purpose? A physical altercation can be avoided if we as adults remember one thing, we are not in the 8th grade anymore.

I have been pushed to my utmost limit before and completely kept my hands to myself. Sometimes people lose it though. If you’re like me, you will let a bad situation, things said, or done build up inside until there’s no room left and then what happens? We explode on the person. That’s wrong. We need to deal with each act as it occurs instead of letting hurt pile up.

Because I am, ‘the pile up”, type of person, I end up regretting it every time I lose it. Saying or doing things I don’t mean or mean to do is the worse part. You not only hurt that person or yourself but you hurt others around you. I wish I could take it back every time, but that’s not possible. My mom taught us to apologize for wrong we do and the other person will either accept or not. But it’s imperative to do your part. Make it right in your heart.

It may take some time to get to the point in your mind to actually say, “I’m sorry”, but once you do, you lift a ton of guilt and hurtful weight off of yourself. And maybe just maybe you will soften the heart of the other just a little, even if they never reciprocate or say another word to you. So, excuse me while I get my mind right, so I can go apologize to everyone involved and try to make things right.

Have a blessed day,


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3 thoughts on “Do You Ever Regret Losing It!”

  1. Well said. Yes, I don’t get that either. I’m like you making us look bad. Then on top of that, they want to fight the wrong person half the time. I only watch trash tv when I’m in the hospital. Other than that I’m lost unless someone post about it on FB.


    1. Me too. I don’t even watch Atlanta Housewives or any of them because of the jealousy and hate spewed on those shows. But BBW is the worse of them all. Misunderstandings and speaking out of turn leads to confrontations. That’s what it is, trash tv. I hate you have to be in the hospital so much. Many blessing and prayers.


      1. Thank you, I can never have enough prayers. I’m just glad to be out and trying to get back to normal. How are you holding up? It’s crazy to show that much hate and jealous of tv. Even if it’s not true, you letting the world see it and they want to do the same.


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