The Afterglow

Four days ago, I had the pleasure of gracing the stage once again in the play, “You Can’t Break Me” written and produced by Shawna D. Moore and directed by Anthony Noland. For some reason fundraising and tickets sales were low. But God! Those who made it out to see us were pleasantly surprised with laughter, tears, joy, and appreciation. Actually, I’m still on high from the greatness this play exuded. This cast is the best group of actors ever, just as our writer and director.

I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity to live out one huge dream of mine. It goes to show that regardless of your circumstances, your age, finances, or challenges, you should NEVER give up on your dreams. Whatever you want to do in life, stay prayerful and seek opportunities to be great. Dreams will come to true if you just be still and let God work.

Before the end of last year, I had no clue I would be able to add ‘stage actress, to my resume nor did I expect I would see my writing on different websites of Dennis Pitocco. I met Dennis through a FB group called “Women of Facebook Creates”. He liked my writing so much that he offered me an opportunity to write for him. I accepted. Now my writing has been shared all over the internet through his networking and interface

I have full belief that my next dream will manifest. That is, someone out there will read my work and offer me a paid writing gig. I’d love to write a self-help article for a newspaper or anything in that realm of possibilities. I have faith in myself that my books will be published as well.

For now, I am getting some much-needed rest so whatever endeavor comes my way next, will be successful. God is truly good! My victory list is getting thin. Looks like I need to add some more goals to it. Today, I’m basking in the afterglow and overflow of being an actress. Every opportunity I get to be on stage, I’m taking it! My heart is full! Life is good.

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