Taking Writing to New Heights

I love to write. I like writing about things I have actual knowledge about, things I’ve done or gone through. My last few blog posts have been really heavy. And although writing is a release for me, it can get demanding of my time, just like any other thing I undertake. Sometimes my mind goes into overload. I think about putting my fibromyalgia book together, writing on my side project book, and how although I have enough content right now for a successful poetry book, it has been neglected.

I’ve gotten a chance to do so much since my year began. I’ve celebrated a year as a blogger, gained great exposure writing for BIZCATALYST360, decided I drop Vocal.media, improved my editing skills considerably, and most of all, witnessed words come to life as part of the cast of two plays with Mor-Shy Productions. My new venture, tentatively titled New Heights, has taken over my life. The ideas and words have flowed beautifully for the last few months. Plus, I still have a few ideas where my first two books are concerned.

Even though I’m busy, I can feel myself trying to become complacent. I believe the first step to avoiding a pitfall is recognizing it. I’ve had a few setbacks with my health including a hamstring injury, but I’m trying to remain productive. Some days I write non-stop for 8 hours, some days I write for a few hours with breaks in between, and others I don’t write at all. My problems come when I take several days to rest my mind and two days turn into a week of no work.

I can’t be afraid of taking a break from slugging it out in the trenches of my mind. With Chronic Fatigue, I need a full day or two to get out of my thoughts and just breath. My novel, “New Heights”, which I started in July, is almost seven chapters in. I don’t know how long it’s supposed to take to write your first novel but I think I’m either excelling or right on schedule.

This post is my way of venting. It’s ok for us all, even writers, to vent once in a while. It loosens the grip our overly active minds have on us. When people come to me with problems or they’ve been hurt by a significant other, I suggest that they get a journal. Writing things down, believe it or not, can get the issues out of your head and/or heart, and onto paper where, for me, I’m able to see them clearer and may even find a solution quicker.

You never know. Try it and see if it works for you. I know I feel a lot better and my heart is a bit lighter since writing this post. I feel like I can exhale. In fact, I did. I hope you do too. Thanks for being part of my therapy just by reading my thoughts. My hope is that my words positively touches someone and impacts their life. As I put my thoughts out there for the world to see, my goal is to move people. If I can change one person’s path, then I have succeeded.

Be blessed everybody❤.

Much love,


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