Christmas Magic

This Christmas was intertwined with a mix of emotions for several reasons. So much change has taken place in the last few months. Good and bad. I haven’t gotten adjusted to being without my nieces and nephew because they have been a part of my household and life for so long. But hopefully in time, this new normal will prove to be a positive thing.

The magic of the season is in the Spirit of it all. Spending quality time with family and friends, sharing fun, food, and of course love. We can never forget that Jesus is the reason for the season either. Life gets so hectic at times that it actually feels good to stop for a minute and enjoy the quiet.

On Christmas morning, not too early, I made Cinnamon rolls for breakfast and coffee. My mom opened her gifts earlier in the week. I bought her a tablet and a cute little heater she had been eyeing. I gave my sister a tablet too. My brother doesn’t know it but I want to get him a cell phone this weekend. We ate a light lunch and just relaxed most of the day. My son opened his gifts a little later.

When my niece, Zy came over, she was so surprised by all the gifts we had for her and her siblings. She wanted a car, a bike, dollhouse, and baby alive. She got them all and more. I am her God mother and Auntie so I went above and beyond for her especially since I missed her birthday on the 10th. She has played all day long. She also got her own tablet. She knows she will always have a special place in my heart because I (and my mom) was blessed to raise her most of her life.

Also, I was able to bake cookies and cakes and half the usual Christmas dinner with my sister masterfully cooking the other half. I started 3 days before Christmas so I wouldn’t have to cook on that day. My momma prayed over our food and we fixed plates and sat down to eat with Christmas movies playing. We have never been a sit down at the dinner table family since I was a kid. Everything was absolutely delicious.

For me, it’s not about gifts or just food but it’s about enjoying your family, taking time to stop, breathe, and thank God for all you do have right now. It’s a time to be grateful for the birth of the Son of God. It’s a day to remember God’s grace and mercy upon your life. I’m so happy to be at a place in my life where I’ve found peace, and I’m surrounded by love.

Yes, because I did way too much, my body has betrayed me due to fibromyalgia. I’m hurting bad, have some swelling and fluid in my joints. But you know what? It was worth every second I spent in that kitchen cooking and in the floor putting toys together and wrapping them. The look on her face and light in her eyes brought back the magic of Christmas I remember feeling as a child. I loved it! I hope her siblings and my granddaughter felt the magic.

So, I’d like to say I hope everyone had Merry Christmas and all those displaced experienced the gift of rest and warmth this year.

Happy Holidays and here’s to a prosperous and Happy New Year for us all!!

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Catching Up

It’s been a minute since my last blog post. I haven’t stopped writing. In fact, I had to step back from blogging to complete my very first manuscript. It has been a labor of love and is NOTHING like what I thought I would be publishing first. I thought my first manuscript would a compilation of my poetry or my journey living with this disease, fibromyalgia. But it turns out that sometimes we think we are supposed to do one thing and have that one purpose, then God takes you on an entire different journey.

I knew I was supposed to write this book when the idea came to me one day in play rehearsals. I wrote my first chapter, 26 pages, in one night. The first six chapters flowed as if I were a ghost writer telling someone else’s story. I began this blog to launch two books and now I’m using it to launch three or more. The ideas just keep popping in my head for other stories to tell.

I’ve always wanted to be a true, bonified, published writer. But as with anything worth doing well, I’m taking my time and getting myself situated to receive the success and blessings to follow. There are thousands of people who have written a best seller or sang a number one hit song but were never heard from again. They didn’t prepare themselves for the bounty that followed the harvest. Begin planning for the bounty when you first break ground to plant your seeds and you will always be successful.

I’m also learning or relearning about Quantum Physics and The Law of Attraction with the help of my daughter. Manifesting my own destiny and success has everything to do with me and nothing to do with book sales. Life for me has been challenging. But life for a lot of us are challenging. But we have to think about what it is we are accepting as truths within ourselves and our lives.

For example, I’ve told myself for nearly 25 years that because I’m sick, I can’t work, I can’t do this or do that. Although I’ve tried many times, I didn’t change the narrative and had already accepted defeat. No more of that! My Pastor told us many times to speak what you need or want into existence. So, now I’m using my faith and my beliefs to strengthen my core as a human being, mother, daughter, grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend. I can be a more creative and stronger author, blogger, and business woman. It’s beyond the sky now and there’s no limit to what I can accomplish!

Thanks for listening,

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