Pandemic 2020: You Good?

I’ve experienced a variety of emotions since this pandemic began. Perhaps some of you can relate. My first feeling I remember the second week of March, was fear. Then anxiety. Two of my nieces were very sick and one eventually lost her baby due to running a high fever for a few days. She was never tested for COVID-19. In fact, our state had just set up a makeshift testing site.

As the days went by, my medical experience kicked in and I knew the only way to keep my 76 year old mother and my chronically ill brother safe was to sanitize every room in the house and pay attention to CDC regulations and information. Every morning I had them hold their breath for 10 seconds and took temperatures.  Then I cleaned door knobs, walls, the fridge, stove, an every delivery that came to the house before it entered, including groceries.

We began self quarantining on March 13, 2020. A little over two months later, I have found myself slacking on sanitizing and almost forgetting we are in a pandemic. We have not been out the house except to accept groceries and walk the dogs. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster from deep depression to mild depression to happiness over being grateful to still be healthy with so many losing their lives around us.

As a former nurse, I feel so bad to not be on the front line. I loved my job and it hurts to not be out their with my comrades. But I understand that with lung disease and Fibromyalgia, I’m high risk and would possibly bring the virus home to my family. So I did the next best thing. I began crocheting mask backed with the American flag to signify we will get through this together. I’m giving them away to essential workers or basically anybody who asks for one.

I don’t see the point in making people pay for something that could possibly save lives. I have made and given away masks to my neighbors, former classmates, and family so far. If I had to give a number, even though I’ve lost count at how many I’ve made, it would probably be close to 25 or 30. Each mask takes about an hour or so to make because I hand sewing the material onto the crocheted mask. They even pass the lighter test so I know they provide proper protection.

One important thing I make sure to do daily is check in on those close to me whom I cannot see in person. I just say hello and let them know I’m thinking about them. My big sister bought our mom an Echo Show 8 for Mother’s Day so now we can see her and her family anytime by using the Alexa device. I met my new great nephew for the first time and got to lay eyes on my niece, nephew and other great nephew!! The boys are too cute. I think I’ll buy one for my other out of state sister for Christmas.

As our state, Alabama, is opening back up, prematurely in my opinion, as the number of cases continue to rise, please pray for us. I appreciate those who text, call, or message just to see how we’re doing. So just in case no one has asked you lately, Are you good?  How are you doing during this pandemic? Do you need anything?? And last but not least, know that I am praying not only for you and our nation, but for our world. Thanks for reading and by all means, stay safe.

Love, vfurrmstheblogger

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