Unapologetically Disgusted

This blog will not sit well with some. But after much thought, I decided that is fine with me. Depression hit me hard a few days ago as I went about my daily routine at home. Sometimes it simply comes out of nowhere and knocks the wind out of me. I can’t explain it. It is just part of who I am. But as I shut myself off from the world as I often do when this occurs, I missed one of the most diabolical events to happen in our nation.

When I rose to climb from under the weight of my own thoughts just before midnight, I flipped through Facebook only to find the majority of my friends in an uproar. I had no clue what had happened at the US Capitol or that lives were lost and people were hurt. The unbelievable part was that 45 ignited a fire within the belly’s of his “army” basically telling them to storm the Capitol. That was all I needed to be in an uproar myself.

First of all, I’ll state the obvious. Had those been hundreds of BLM peaceful protestors they’d all be dead or close to it. There is no way we would have gotten close to the Capitol. As soon as officials would have gotten wind of an uprising we would have been rubber bulleted, gassed, shot dead, and jailed. In that order!There is no way we would have ever made it across the street, down the street, or a few blocks over from the Capitol before being attacked!

Now that that is out of the way, let’s go on to the person who ensued this riot. Wednesday, January 9, 2021, the “leader” of America incited an inssurrection against the US government and our Constitution. As of today, 2 days later, 5 lives were lost with many others injured. I am unapologetically disgusted!! So many fellow Americans share in my deplaurum. I applaud Mark Zuckerberg for deactivating the social media accounts used to cause pandemonium for the last four years and insure this heinous act. Some see it as a breach of the first amendment. I see it as removing the fuel that ignites the fire. For me, January 20th can’t come soon enough.

Now, let’s move on to how the rest of the world has got to be looking at us as they shake their collective heads. Because of Lie after lie, blatant open treason, causing the deaths of thousands by belittling Covid-19, the impeachment dibocal, making enemies allies, and yes, the last four years of idiotcy through twitter, etc., America is probably the laughing stock of the world. Some would say, we are the nation that has fallen from grace. 45’s legacy will be tainted by his bigotry, racism, hate, supremacy, and division. Added to the list is hypocrisy and utter disregard for human life simply because Georgia stood up against him and won!!

Now, where do we go from here. We must chose our battles wisely. We’ve already shined a global light on the plight of being black in America and the world stood in solidarity with us. We’ve learned that when we raise our voices and exercise our rights we can invoke change. But we cannot lose that momentum. Never forget aside from all the politic rhederic, the elections, the pandemic, and renewed hope in Biden and Harris, we cannot become complacent in our efforts for progressive change. Continue to sign the petitions, repeatedly say their names, hold steadfast in your convictions, always vote like your life depends on it, live like there’s no tomorrow, and as you do, pray for a better future for this nation and the world.

Hope and peace,



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