Doing It Again

I never thought that I would be pursuing a relationship at this point in my life. But here I am. I have always been a hopeless romantic who believed in soulmates. I always thought there is one person out there for everyone that God made especially for them. Even now, at 48 years old, I still think each of us has a match but I also think life is short so you need to grab love whenever you can.

I am not saying go out there and sleep with every Tom, Dick, and Harry, as my mom says. Sex is not love or happiness. I am saying be happy within yourself and when you find someone that adds to that happiness go for it because it could lead to love. I used to think I needed a man to make me happy.  That is a myth the majority of women, especially young women, believe. I learned the hard way that if you are not happy and content within, how can you add to someone else’s happiness. You can’t.

No relationship or person is perfect. Conflict will arise. You are constantly learning about one another so you can resolve issues and let them go instead of holding on to them or constantly bringing them up. Let issues go. Learn to forgive easily. Life is too short for grudges and silent treatments. That energy can be spent loving, living, and being in the presence of the one you love.

I believe when it comes to love, you have to pray and listen to the answers with your heart and your intuition. I am the bleeding heart type who tends to fall fast before really getting to know the person and my eagerness usually leads to heartbreak. BUT, change is bliss. I found a really great man and I had to trust myself to take this slow. I learned that if you be completely transparent from the start, the right one will stick around. You must see that person for who THEY are and not what YOU have been through. I had to do the work and take down some walls and allow him time to break down barriers of his own.

I’m not saying this relationship is perfect because none are. We all have our faults and flaws. But I believe that the key to true love and added happiness is to love past the pain; love in spite of faults and flaws, along side illness and struggles, and throughout any problems. Regardless of what happens, within the realms of forgiveness, never stop loving.

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