Count your blessings

I have raised the daughter of a Baptist minister. Later in my life, I became a member of the Church of God in Christ. At the first Bethel Memorial Church of God in Christ, I began to attend in 2008, we sang a lot. One song I have in mind for this blog is Count Your Blessings. It states, counts your blessings, names them one by one, Counts your blessings, sees what God has done. Well, this week has been particularly challenging because I forgot to count my blessings. I know there’s no one perfect in God but Him, so I try to live my life as an example to others to glorify His name. I fall short often, more than I care to admit. But I think part of personal growth is seeing where you went wrong and being careful to move differently so you don’t ever find yourself in that same position. I also found that sometimes you have to let people know that because you are spiritual or saved doesn’t mean you can be played with or your name and reputation soiled by blatant lies.

For the last couple of months, someone was trying to destroy my family’s good name. With my mom as the matriarch of our family, I felt like she was being attacked. At first, I stayed silent because I refused to dignify the ignorance with a response. Eventually, the person recanted their lies and allegations in a post on Facebook. But a few days ago, the lies began to resurface. I hold myself to a certain standard. But I will not let others think I’m going to stand by and allow my family to be misrepresented and hurt AGAIN. I think that sometimes, the only way to reach some folks is to speak their language. The boy was the devil busy. I usually don’t respond to ignorance, but at the same time, you can see why I had to say something. I can still count my blessings because I had so many family and friends reach out to me and talk to me from their hearts. I appreciated all the love and advice I was given during this time. That is where God began to work.

Switching gears a little, I have been listening to a lot to Steve Harvey lately. He speaks a lot about counting your blessings. I know some people look down upon him, but the man has given some great advice that is changing the course of my life. One thing he said was when it comes to goals and your dreams, never have a Plan B. If you always have a Plan B or something you think you can fall back on, you will give energy you could use achieving Plan A to set up a Plan B you may never even use. In other words, stick to one goal at a time. If your Plan A fails after you have done all you can to make it succeed, get another Plan A and focus only on it.

I like his point because I have my iron in several fires. I’m compiling a poetry book that I’m constantly adding to and a book about fibromyalgia which I gave a glimpse of Chapter One in my last blog. In addition to my writing, I’m trying my hand at makeup, for which I have an IG account. Plus, (😌), I’m attempting to go back to school after leaving in 2014, two credits shy of my BA in Healthcare Management. The best I can hope for right now is my BA in Advanced Patient Care. I also began writing articles for for extra income. Talk about counting your blessings! So which do I achieve first? Do I stick to one thing at a time, or can I do more than one, focusing on achieving both simultaneously?? I feel like I’m being pulled in ten different directions but I don’t feel any less diligent about achieving everything on my vision board. If I find doing one at a time works best, I’ll do that. But I do believe I can complete my degree and my poetry book at the same time. I have most of it completed. Everything else will become my “another Plan A”. So this situation nor any other will stop my grind or dim my glow because I’m doing these things for myself and my family. My goal is to leave my children and grandchildren tangible proof that they can achieve any and everything that they desire.

I watch and often hear him saying that when bad things happen, God has a way of using those situations to bring about the biggest blessings! Well, that happened today! The one thing we lost through their lies, we gained through our truth😘. Because God blessed me with a good heart, I felt bad about the words I used in my response on Facebook. But there’s a part of me that knows, certain people need to see that side of me. Although I allowed them to make me come out of character, they now know I don’t tolerate ignorance when it comes to my family or my mom.

So the point of this post is to give my friends and family a glimpse into what happened, to release it off my heart and give advice on how to handle situations like these. I don’t like holding on to situations that hurt me or those I love. My therapy is to write about it. Then I relax and release, let go and let God. So this COGIC, saved, daughter of a Baptist preacher, is still a work in progress. I’m the type of person that lets things pile up higher and higher before it gets too much. Life is too short to keep things in. So what works for me is to remember to breath, call a friend, talk it out with my mom or someone I trust so I won’t get so upset I get a migraine or become ill. Stress causes fibromyalgia sufferers more widespread pain. My continued advice to myself and my readers, address situations that prove harmful to your peace as soon as possible; do not wait until it gets worse. Continue to love and protect those who love and protect you. And lastly, never forget that bad situation will not last forever, trust that God will turn it around and always, always count your blessings.❤️❤️

My Zy baby is back home!

4 thoughts on “Count your blessings”

  1. Powerful post, thank you for sharing. That’s how I am with my sickle cell, we tend to let things get us work up and forget our body may go in distress. God Bless. My dad is a preacher.


    1. Thank you. You’re welcome. I have treated Sickle Cell sufferers and watched them suffer when the doctors wouldn’t give them pain meds. So heartless. I’m sorry your suffering. I do forget about the stress. This year has been hard so it’s easy to forget something to just breath. Good Bless you darling. Yes I’ve read some of your work and saw that your dad’s a preacher too. Much love.


      1. You very welcome and thank you for your kind words. I agree on how we’re treated. If they was in our shoes and felt what we felt they would treat us better. Also stop seeking sickle cell as a black disease would help as well. I agree on breathing. My dad taught me at young age. Sometimes in forget what helps and what make it worse. Love reading your thoughts. God Bless

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      2. Much love and respect! Love reading your thoughts and advice as well. I try to stay humble and positive as a way to cope but that tends to me letting things build up too…but they too shall pass. God bless and I’ll be reading…


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