Some days, not often but often enough I feel inadequate
I know it sounds odd
but I do
I feel as if
When alongside my peers
I don’t measure up
Their cups are full while mine is half empty
Like, I may be enough in my own lane but merely an old classic in theirs, Inadequate in the eyes
They see my shiny new coat of paint and fresh leather
And yet believe underneath it all I’m nothing; tethered and aged
Am I a relic to them? Or a treasure? Who says they get to decide?
Therefore, just because I feel inadequate
Does not mean that I am At some point we all feel not quite enough
What will you do about it?
As for me, I embrace it
I know I’m inadequately complete, Beautiful flaws and all
Extremely capable of giving more than what and who one sees that I am And for that alone, I’m more than enoughBy Valerie Furr-Collins#inadequate #inadequatelycomplete #enough

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