Sleepless in Tuscaloosa (follow up to Single Black Female)

It’s 2:17 am here and I’m exhausted and want to sleep but my mind is working a million miles a minute. I’m just thinking about my life as this year comes to a close. I want so much that just seems to all be completely out of my reach. I can be a bit melodramatic but the more blessings that I receive, the more I want to believe is possible.

I don’t want to fall back into my old habits of not finishing things I start so I am not going to get ahead of myself. I’m going to pray that all the things I desire come in due time, in Gods time. Like finding someone special. If you’ve read my blog, “Single Black Female”, you will see just how unlucky in love I have been lately. Maybe I’m asking too much from my potential Mr. Right. Y’all be the judge and let me know.

What I am looking for in someone or what I’d be asking of them are all the things I would give in return. I want someone who is dedicated to loving just me. I know this is the generation of the side chick, but at 45, I don’t have time for that foolishness!

Disclaimer: If you feel you just can’t be faithful, honest and communicate, you need not apply. This is not the job for you.

But I digress. I’m loving, caring and honest, so it’s no surprise I want a person in my life that is the same. Because the poet in me wants to speak on this. So I wrote this piece to tell what it is I’m looking for in a man. Here goes…

Is This Someone You?

I need someone who’s not afraid to live a “Volve” existence;

You know,

Evolve, Involved, Revolve…

Someone who, above all, is not afraid to love of me,

Evolve with me,

Be involved in me; in the creation of us.

Revolve around me; orbit my existence.

And allow me to be everything but the bane of his;

Never intentionally causing him harm.

Become everything that alone is not.

We will talk with one another,

Cry with one another, laugh with one another,

Pray with one another;

Believing in the us that we will build, knowing we are all we’ll ever need.

Loving one another forever with hearts that beat only for each other.

Forever assured that when this life is over,

You will be waiting for me

Or I’ll be waiting for you in Heaven

Because we’ll live such an amazing life together

That losing us both at the same time would be far too great a loss.


Now, Y’all be honest with me. Am I asking for too much? 😘🤔🤔😉

Written by: Valerie Collins

Author unknown

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