Focus on the positive

I sit here this Saturday morning looking at this blank screen trying to figure out what to blog this time. There are so many things going on right now that I can’t see the sun for the storms. So I’ll try to focus on the good. I’m a few steps closer to getting this book published. I’m a part of a small community of poets on Twitter that you all may have heard of called Yesterday one of the administrators, PreKaya Gilky, featured my poem Love Is on their site I was so excited! They asked us to write about what love means to us. I posted the poem on my previous blog “What is Love”.

Every few days the Twitter page and website put a picture up and asks the poets in the community to write a short poem about what they see. They also have poetry contests that you can enter for a small fee. Each contest is on a different subject. The one I entered first was on the subject of the pain of love. The second was on addiction. Below are a few “write a short poem about what you see” poems I posted on

I do see the light peeping through the crevasses but the emptiness of the darkness consumes me. I’m lost in my loneliness and destroyed in my despair. Unable to see anything but the rundown halls of my life, walking through darkness till the sunlight appears.

(These photos are the property of I do not own any rights to these photos)

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