Break A Leg

In one week, we will perform on stage, some of us for the very first time, the play “A Quiet Storm”. A testimony of sorts written by Shawna D. Moore will definitely be a ministry to all who witnesses it. The premise surrounds Mental Illness, a taboo subject in every community.

No one wants to talk about it but according to statistics from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 1 in 5 adults will suffer from mental illness in America each year. One in twenty-five will suffer a serious mental illness each year.

When you attend this play, you will go through a series of emotions. You just may see yourself in one or more of its characters. I know I do. As we transformed into this wonderful cast we learned about one another’s pain, tragedies, heartache; our darkest places. But each day we came out of those dark places by praising God.

I found myself soul searching revealing many things, the greatest was forgiveness. But that’s not it. Twenty years after being hurt, I am able to say, ” I forgive you”. I learned to let go and let God, not just when it’s convenient but because it’s necessary.

I’ve suffered from depression my entire adult life. But last night as I wrote these words, I’ve never felt freer from it while in it. I know medically, it will be there, but my focus is no longer on it. You know the saying, you can speak life over certain situations. Well, I speak life into healing from depression, pain, fear, and anxiety.

So, Saturday, March 9, I won’t only be living a dream of mine by gracing the stage with this amazing cast, but I’ll be defeating a few demons as well. This play means so much to me. It has touched my spirit and healed places in me that I forgot were broken. It will do the same for you. We often ostracized ourselves into believing we are alone in our struggle. But no one is truly alone. God is forever here.

Come out to Stillman College Birthright Auditorium March 9, 2019, @ 2pm/7pm for this ministry which is sure to change your life as it has changed mine! Ticket are $15 in advance/$20 at the door. If you CashAp Shawna Moore @ $ShawnaDMoore or myself @ $vfurrms2 or your tickets will be waiting for you at the door. No need to pick them up!

Peace, love, and joy,



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